Athos Vs Beasts

In this physics game, you are Athos, a boy whose job is to throw explosives at beasts to destroy them. The trick is to adjust the angle and power of your throw to reach the difficult areas. You score bonus

Warzone World War 2

Life in the war zone isn’t fair. You’re standing in the middle of the street, trying to shoot enemies hidden in the building opposite you. Quick reflexes and deadly accuracy are the key to survival, but that is not the

Elite Unit

Elite Unit soldiers get the toughest jobs. You are almost good enough to join them and this is your final test: beat three challenging missions filled with dangerous enemies. To survive, you will have to be fast and accurate. If

Soldier In Training

Normally, soldiers learn how to shoot using practice targets. In this army, you will train by shooting other soldiers. You cannot hide so it is important to aim quickly and shoot accurately if you want to survive this shooting game.

Undead Invasion

Your city is overrun by zombies. You’re the last survivor, but you’re not alone: a reliable Uzi submachine gun is there to keep you company while you blow the undead hordes to pieces. How long can you survive until they

Warzone Getaway 3

You’re escorting an armed vehicle and defending it from the bad guys. Surviving each round will earn you money. You can spend it to improve your weapons, fortify the vehicle, and hire extra defenders that will help you take care

Counter Strike Lite

This game will help you improve your aim and reflexes. The goal is simple: to shoot at moving targets, while the only enemy is time. Try to shoot as many targets until the time runs out, keeping in mind your

Obama Vs Zombies

The White House is under attack and all of the President’s bodyguards are gone. Now it is Obama’s job to defend his home against the undead hordes. Use a gun to defeat the first wave, then search for survivors and